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Comments on: "Contact Us" (21)

  1. We are relatives of the late Audrey and Peter Phenna who lived at Domelton House for many years. Following the death of Peter’s sister we are trying to contact a Carol walker from 53 Domelton House and a Mellie and Pert Medina who lived at 50 Domelton House. This is to pass information on to them, We would be extremely thankful if anybody has any information or could send us in the right direction. We can be contacted on

  2. Bembridge House said:

    I have been contacting the council for the best part of the last year regarding the damp issues caused by heavy rain at the start of the year.

    In February, the council promised to organise works to resolve the issue which then had to be postponed due to more rain. I have chased the council several times since to check progress but never had a response.

    I have now repainted but have discovered today that there is water seeping back in. Does anyone know if I am able to claim from the buildings insurance for any damages caused or to have the work completed myself of the council continue to be too incompetent to sort it.

  3. Keith Hayter said:

    The recent problems with foxes on the estate has drawn attention to the issue of the Bembridge and Binstead general waste bin doors not shutting properly. This was reported by a resident in the Sept 2013 RA meeting when I was temporary chairman. As this happened on my watch I would like to fill residents in on what happened.

    The doors don’t close because the round bins, or Palladins, were replaced when damaged with a different, square type. The Palladin type is unobtainable now.

    After much ‘pillar to post’ correspondence with the Waste Dept and the Housing Dept, I eventually got the estate manager and a technical person to visit the site with me. We looked at the bin chambers and identified modifications to pipes etc that would make room for the new bins and allow the doors to shut. Mr Thorpe of WBC said that an order had been placed for the work. This was in Jan/Feb this year. To date it has not been done. Earlier in the year I was told this was because the winter storm damage was higher priority. I have inquired again today and I await a reply.

    Following is a copy of my email, sent in February to the Waste Dept, which gives a bit more info.

    “Dear Ms Wright.

    An update on this issue, which appears to have fizzled out after initial willingness.

    I have met with Craig Johnson of the Housing Dept, and a Mr Thorpe on site and inspected the bin housings of Binstead Hse and Bembridge Hse. Some modifications to the doors and plumbing were identified as being helpful and I understand an order has been placed for this work.

    It would, however, still be a worthwhile excercise to swap the rectangular bins for Paladins as I have requested originally. This is because not only do they fit the chambers better, but also they have larger capacity (see below), given that 11, 12 or 14 flats share each bin.

    Since I last wrote, it has come to my attention that Palladins can also be found in nearby Garton Place. These are small blocks and so are relatively oversupplied. This brings the number of Palladins in the nearby blocks to well over 10, meaning that all of Binstead and Bembridge can be swapped and leaving spares for the future.

    Please let me know if it is not possible for your department to carry out the swapping of bins. A possible alternative might be that resident volunteers could do this, with your permission.

    kind regards

    Keith Hayter

    Wendelsworth Residents Association”

    I did not follow up on the suggestion outlined (swapping bins) later in the year because I was expecting the metalwork order to be carried out, saving the need for a ‘Plan B’.

  4. Dear Mr Reilly,

    There are a number of flats who experience damp when there are heavy rains, which we discovered when we went to each flat to gain support to maintain the residents association.

    A neighbour also experienced issues with water dripping from their light fittings, which Council contractors quickly discovered was to do with the drains. Once the drains were cleared, the problem went away and their walls eventually dried. But this issue may happen again if the drains are not regularly maintained and there is another bout of heavy rain. This is an issue we are talking to the Council about, as we believe it is less costly for them to maintain the drains rather than clear them out only when residents inform them of a problem. Our Estate Manager has advised that all residents should report any issues directly to the Council so that they can rectify the issue and keep track of problems. We will keep on at the Council to get the drains cleared regularly.

    The Wendelsworth RA Committee

  5. Dave Reilly said:

    Is it just me or does anyone else have the curious phenomenon going on in their flats where by when it rains outside, it shortly afterwards starts raining inside their flats with water coming out of light fittings and switches?
    If it weren’t so dangerous and detrimental to my beautiful paintwork I might be amused. For now I am perplexed. Was just wondering if was just me.

  6. Thank you for sharing the work your company did for a bike shed built for a school. Please also share this with the Estate Manager Mr C. Johnson. We shall also forward this to him and to the Community Engagement rep, Ms J Baxter. The more residents push for a robust and secure bike shed, the wore chance there is of gaining the funds and resource to get one installed. Thank you.

  7. Dave Reilly said:

    Here’s one my company built for a school some years back. It consists of:

    · Cover from rain

    · 8ft fencing with pointy top to deter climbing over

    · Hoops to support bikes and allow both wheels and frame to be locked up

    · Self-closing gate

    · Salto card reader (more secure than keys which are too easily copied) – the card reader was battery powered to prevent the need for power.

    · Under observation from CCTV (that bit did need power)

  8. Dear Resident,
    I’m not sure if the Estate Manager has contacted you directly regarding your bike or if this is a circular you are refering to. The management have in the recent past ordered landings to be cleared. This was, I believe, following residents’ (reasonable) concerns about the fire safety regime, and safety in general, being compromised by large items (furniture, building materials etc) being left on the stairwells. Contributing to this problem was bikes chained to the bannisters. I don’t think that, for example, flower pots would give rise to complaints, but the Management response was uncompromising. Any queries about policy should go to the Estate Manager, Mr C Johnson.

    The ‘bike shed’ has not been successful, and I think the Housing Dept are keen to hear from cyclists as to what sort of system they would want to use. If you can flesh this out with type of fixtures, numbers, locations etc, we will make sure it is brought to the attention of the Housing Dept. This can start the ball rolling. There is some funding for projects put forward by residents, albeit limited.


  9. D.Reilly said:

    Dear WRA,

    I was peturbed recntely by the council’s demands that my bike be removed from outside my front door.

    Unlike the volumes of car parking available in Wendlesworth, there is only a single cheap and cheerful (but not secure) enclosure at the north end of the estate for locking bikes.

    Before the council tells people to remove their bikes from the blocks it would be nice if there was a realistic (that is to say convenient and secure) alternative outside every block.

    Given Wandsworth BC’s stated goals towards sustainability I am surprised that such a facility does not yet exist. Does anyone know if there plans afoot for their construction?

  10. Dear Ms Dhew, apologies for this delayed response but even if we had responded sooner, it would have made no difference. How Mind use their premises is not connected to the WRA as they are owned by a separate freeholder and are not part of the Wendelsworth Estate.

  11. Hello Mrs Seymour, please review the response sent to you on 4 June 2013. It is copied for you here:

    The council have recently reviewed the petition that was put forward to them but sadly have rejected it. The current restrictions between 10:30 and 11:30 will remain in force at the existing rate.

  12. Mrs Seymour said:

    I know I wrote to council and they have and from what I know you have raised your concerns again…you are here for the good of the people who live on estate forget the small amount of complainers think of the hundreds that live here and won’t be able to pay 7 pound per day…..I have wrote another letter telling them of my concerns, I’m in not good health and petitioning for this parking is making me stress out as my Daughter who gives up her time to see me, will not come as wont be able to pay 7 pound per day. At the moment it’s bad enough paying 2.50 for 1 hour, it’s cheaper to park in Sainsburys or Waitrose. Anyone else reading this do agree to all day .

  13. Hello,

    The council have recently reviewed the petition that was put forward to them but sadly have rejected it. The current restrictions between 10:30 and 11:30 will remain in force.

  14. Marcella Dhew said:

    We are local residents who are concerned with the proposed planning application made by Wandsworth Mind. The deadline for comments on this is approximately 10th June, and we would suggest that we organise a meeting to discuss the application as a group. Please could you get back to me as soon as possible. Best wishes, Marcella

  15. I view something truly interesting about your site so I saved to bookmarks .

  16. Mrs Seymour said:

    Do you know if the council are going ahead with the parking restriction 7 to 7 as I am against this do people on the estate know that even if you don’t own a car you or your family are going to pay £7 per car to park when they visit you I can’t afford this every time my children want to visit and means they have to watch there money as thy have families of there own can we get a petition up against this I live in Whitecliff and in 30 years of living here never seen a problem apart from council trucks parking here between 2 and 4 to go to cafe for dinner, do the council want us all to be lonely and depressed if our friends and family won’t visit due to cost.

  17. Hello,

    The council are now listening following the parking petitioning that the WRA submitted in December 2012. Their committee will be discussing the issue next week and it may be April/May when a decision is made. We will keep residents informed of any progress that we learn.

  18. Brian Allpress, 27 Merstone House said:

    Why are the council not taking parking on this estate seriously? The residents only carpark outside merstone hse & Atherfield court is for residents ONLY! why are the council issuing permits to the NHS? there is limited spaces in there as the housing Dept issue permits to any resident on the estate who applies. So we have the road full of sainburys shoppers, Gym users, and council employees, plus a carpark full of NHS workers. Why dont the council negotiate a deal with Sainsburys to let their people park there? If i cant park where i live why should i pay £135 a year for it? if they’re not going to do anything about it. why cant we get a rebate on the permit price! I would also ask if a memberof the housing dept could be invited to the next RA meeting so they can be asked to account for their actions re the carpark. Thanks Brian

  19. Hello,

    Further to your query on the website, we have contacted the council and they have confirmed the following:

    1 – The council have already sent notices by post to all flats in Binstead House, and 5 addresses on Allfarthing Lane.
    2 – Having been made aware of possible concerns of other residents, the council sent further notices on 19 March to flats 1-30 Whitecliff House and flats 1-30 Totland House with a consultation period of 21 days up until 9th April.

    As a RA we do not, at this point, have a view on this application one way or another. The concern is only that consultation process does not miss out nearby residents.

  20. Thank you for your comment and sorry for the delay in replying to you. I have passed this to the members of Wendelsworth Residents’s Association.

  21. fletcher said:

    Dear Wendelsworth Residents Association,

    As a concerned local resident I wonder if fellow local residents were aware of the planning application submitted by Wandsworth Mind (The old Forrester pub building) to open 7 day a week from 8.30am to 10pm on a Sunday night and to allow the centre to be used as a place of worship for a local Muslim community every evening to the proposed new opening times. I am not aware of any local consultation taking place and worry about the already congested streets and parking problems. I think very little concern has been given to the views of local residents and to massive impact this will have on quality of life within the local area, presumably by individual who do not live in the area.

    Please can you make all residents aware of the proposal and encourage as many people to lodge objections with Wandsworth council. The deadline is 28th March.

    Its nice to be asked what goes on in your local area!

    Planning link:

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