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Summer Party 16 August 2014














November 2011

Hi all you gardeners out there

After a good batch of summer crops in the community garden, the weather is starting to change.

We have decided to strip back and dig up all the summer plants.

Ha! Ha!    This is quite a strenuous, exercising and enjoyable job putting the world to right as we work.

Firstly, dealing with the mound of unruly foliage that seems intent on scratching or digging into parts of our bodies (an after- thought always carry gloves/cutting equipment with you) .This lot will all be going into the composter for next year’s manure,

We decided to leave two marigold plants in after being planted at the beginning of the year and has now surprised us by flowering so deserved to stay.

The next couple of weeks involved digging over/watering and added feeding of the beds.

Julie has brought three kinds of garlics, two types of onion, and some broad beans to sow.  While planting we were amazed at the number of worms that were in the ground.

It seems the wild life is still about as a little robin came to visit and two over enthusiastic squirrels were having a good time nearby we are a bit worried they may dig up the new plants.

There is still a warm welcome to everyone who is interested.  For information please  use the “Contact Us” page:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Pat & Julie

LAUNCH – August 2011

Our Members would like to extend a welcome for all the residents to participate in this enjoyable project.

The Community Garden is located beside the large Playground at the All Farthing Lane end of the Estate.

At the present time a small group are tending four raised beds, at first it was touch and go if anything would grow as the soil was not very good but with lots of trial and error and much laughter the group is now growing such things as green/yellow courgettes, potatoes, lettuces, tomatoes, beetroot, beans, sun flowers, sweet peas and many other experiments plus some strange things that spring up.

During and after watering, weeding and doing other tasks we get time to sit and talk which is quite therapeutic.

There is quite a stream of people who are curious and amazed with the things that the group has managed to grow and how healthy the plants look as they are really flourishing with the good weather.

Since starting with the garden we have noticed an increase in Butterflies, Ladybirds and other wildlife which can only be good for the environment.

The group also actively promote recycling household waste products (fruit/ vegetable peelings/toilet rolls /egg boxes /leaves/ grass cuttings Etc for use in the composter.

The group would like others to join us either to garden or give hints /tips or donate unwanted seeds. plants, OR JUST COME FOR A VISIT.