WRA Minutes 2015-02-10

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Minutes 13 Apr 2011


Comments on: "Minutes" (3)

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for looking at our estate and at our website and thank you for your query.

    The works that we have recently undergone are the first large works that we have had from the council in more than 10 years. Large works from our understanding occur about every 10-15 years and are planned and managed by the council. In a normal year, residents are charged for just the usual tenancy and maintenance of the estate (rubbish collection, gardening, cleaning public areas, replacing cracked windows and such like). These charges are not excessive and regular costs are manageable.

    I hope that you find this helps in your decision.

    Kind Regards, The admin team for http://www.wendelsworthra.co.uk

  2. Hi there,
    I’ve been looking at properties in the Wandsworth area recently, as I’m looking to move into London. I liked what I saw of the estate, and this resident’s association only improves from my point of view.
    One concern I have however, having looked at your minutes, is the scale of the bills for leaseholders for work such as re-roofing, updated door security, etc. I wonder if you could give me an idea of the scale of such bills over the last few years? I’m concerned that while I might be able to afford a flat, I couldn’t necessarily afford such large one-off payments.
    Any info would be very gratefully received; in the meantime, keep up the good work!

  3. Please forward to Mr. Bernard Judges

    Dear Mr. Judges,

    Firstly well done to the Association and all its members and please keep up all the good work. I for one fully appreciate all that the association is attempting to do to improve the overall living environment of the area.
    I am writing with regard to your recent appeal to Wandsworth council to review its parking restrictions on streets around the area. I live on Allfarthing Lane and I agree that the current parking restriction are totally ineffectual for residents and question why I pay the council £120 per year not to be able to park near my home. I think the council’s response to your petition was an outrageous “fob off” and showed total disregard to the valid concerns of local residents. Please could you let me know if you are intending to appeal against their response to your petition.
    Kindest regards

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