Martial Arts – ongoing

Martial arts classes take place in the ‘Mind Centre’ (at the corner of Allfarthing Lane and Vermont Road) every Thursday evening from 6.30pm. This is open for beginners right through to the most experienced. For £5 an hour it provides exceptional value for money.

Chicken & Rabbit Safari – April 2012

Resounding success 12 adults & 25 children aged between 18months to 13 years old. All really enjoyed themselves and parents thought it was an excellent idea (even though it was early Sunday morning). The older children wanted us to hide all the chicks again so that they could find them without any prizes. Various adults & children asked if we could have some teams- football/cricket/netball etc: and were very excited to have a sports day, plus more difficult scavenger hunts. All those who participated were in agreement that there should be more activities for the estate children. Thank you to everyone. Julie & Pat from the Wendelsworth Residents Association.

Christmas Party – December 2011

We arranged a Christmas party for the residents. Plenty of food and drinks were on offer. There were activities for children, music, raffle etc. About 50 adults and 15 children turned up. Local police and Councillor Thom came to greet us too. Thank you to all visitors and the members of the Association who put this lovely event together. See the Gallery page for photos!


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