The Wendelsworth Residents Association exists to serve the community of the Wendelsworth Estate in Wandsworth, south west London. Please send your thoughts regarding living in the Wendelsworth Estate via the “Contact Us” link above.


 Tabletop Sales

A series of upcoming ‘tabletop’ sales have been organised by SW18IndoorMarket (https://www.facebook.com/sw18indoormarket).  They are to be held in the Penfold Centre (just behind Southside Shopping Centre).  The first will be on Saturday 21st February at 1-4pm and we are sure there’ll be plenty of bargains if you’d lie to come and browse.

To raise money for the Wendelsworth Residents Association, we would be delighted if you would give us any unwanted clothing and/or household items that we can sell.  If you have any donations, please email us on wendelsworthra.co.uk or text us on 07980 095 152 to arrange collection.

If you’d like to make some money yourself, you can hire your own table at £10 per table per session. Contact SW18IndoorMarket on 07538 713409 to make arrangements.


 Domelton House front tidy up

The Horticulture Department of Wandsworth Council confirmed the following on 9 September 2014: The gardening contractors will remove litter from under the hedges and the patches of bare soil either side of the entrances to Domelton House within 10 days. The large borders near the no-name road will be stripped of the very overgrown planting in the winter and replanted in the spring in a style that will match the earlier ‘renovation’. The litter will disappear from those areas in the process.


Foxes on the estate

A number of people are concerned about the activities of foxes on the estate: litter on the street when they forage in rubbish bags, damage in people’s gardens, noise at nighttime, etc. We have arranged for a wildlife specialist to come and assess the estate to suggest how we might prevent these problems. The date for his visit is WED 10 SEP, 1-3PM. Please contact us by e-mail or text to 07980 095152 if you have a particular concern you would like us to raise with the specialist and/or would like to come and speak to the expert yourself. Please also let us know if you would be interested in coming to an evening talk from the expert when he can present his recommendations and answer any questions you may have. <updated 6 September 2014>

See the fox report compiled by the wildlife expert. It has been also forwarded to the Wandsworth council. <updated 13 September 2014>

Summer Party
was held on 16 August 2014 in Wendelsworth Community Garden! See the ‘Community Garden’ section of the site for photos.

“Certificate of accreditation” received by Wendelsworth Residents Association  for 2014-15 from Wandsworth Council.  Thanks to all who signed their support for the association to continue doing its good work for the estate.

WRA accreditation 2014-15:

History of Wendelsworth Estate section added on the site 2 May 2014.

Bird boxes installed on the Wendelsworth Estate. Read more: https://wendelsworthra.co.uk/eco-fund-project/